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About Us

TIB was founded by Ross Greenstein, a former top U.S. collegiate tennis player. Based upon his collegiate athletic experience and travels to Israel, Ross found that Israelis lacked the educational and athletic opportunities that their Jewish peers in the United States were afforded. Through his interactions and friendships with Israelis, Ross learned that their athletic and academic needs were not being met primarily due to their economic standing and compulsory military duty in the Israeli Defense forces. As Ross envisioned, TIB will provide Israelis the opportunity to continue their sport while pursuing a higher education that they otherwise could not afford. In addition to helping Israelis obtain athletic scholarships. TIB intends to lay the foundation for Israeli athletes to become involved in their local Jewish community. TIB’s goal is to provide our Israelis students with a support structure while in America as well as providing our Jewish communities with a firsthand connection to Israel.

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