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What We Do

The Israel Bridge (TIB) was created to enable Israeli students-athletes to obtain scholarships at American universities. Once TIB deems an Israeli eligible for our assistance, we work with the student to identify a select group of schools with available scholarships that balance the student’s academic, athletic and social needs. Through our relationship with Scholarship For Athletes in Israel (SFA) we will deliver a complete package of services to guide Israeli student athletes through the entire NCAA eligibility process. Additionally, our services assist our sponsored athletes with entrance applications and other necessary items to secure a scholarship including communicating with prospective coaches on behalf of the student athlete as well as coordinating all the application and admission process. Through our resources and efforts, TIB works hard so our Israeli athletes receive an athletic scholarship at an American university.

Our second function is to utilize and build out our Jewish resource network for Israeli athletes to become involved in their local Jewish community. TIB will introduce the athletes to American Jewish families and organizations in order to provide a support structure during their time in America.  Our Israeli student-athletes will be introduced to local Jewish social programs and families in their area so that they can be hosted for holiday dinners and be made to feel as if they are part of the community.  The extended Israeli presence in America creates a firsthand relationship and connection for our Jewish communities to Israel and its people.  President Lyndon Johnson said,  "The United States and Israel share many common objectives...chief of which is the building of a better world in which every nation can develop its resources and develop them in freedom and peace.”  Our program is designed to build upon those objectives through the gift of higher education, sports and relationship building.  


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